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Does it feel like you always end up in a dead-end street with relationships?

Struggling in love and romantic relationships is often the result of an unhealthy attachment that was created at a younger age. Sometimes we want a relationship to fill an empty hole inside that was created by childhood attachment wounds and traumatic events.

The early relationship with your primary caregivers influences your core beliefs, values, self-image, and in many ways provide a blueprint of your perception of healthy adult relationships. Attachment history plays a vital role. Relational trauma can be very subtle, and the person does not even identify it as trauma, for example with benign emotional neglect (parent’s providing in all the physical needs of a child but paying little attention to him/her). Many adults’ ache for the emotional soothing and attentive comfort that should have come to them long ago as children. They use a love relationship to try and fill the void and soothe the pain.

Although every person’s process in treatment is very unique, our work together will:

-Explore childhood history
-Identify the wounds at the root of your behavior.
-Determine your attachment style and injuries
-Explore the nature and underlying purpose of your relationship patterns.
-Discover, reconnect and learn to love and nurture the wounded inner child
-Develop healthy boundaries.
-Learn healthy ways to cope with painful feelings, stress, and problems in your life.
-Recognize that you have the ability to handle whatever comes your way (such as loss) without depending on someone else to make you feel safe and okay.
-Identify neglected areas of your life and start putting your time and energy into developing that aspects of your life in a healthy way (e.g. working on personal goals, developing healthy new relationships, etc.).


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